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Does the total switch of home circuit use air switch or leakage protection switch?

Is the total switch of home circuit good with Fuji air switch or Fuji leakage protection switch? This has always been a matter of disputes between electricians and masters. In fact, it is fair to say that it is possible to use air switches or leakage protectors on general switches. Many old electricians have also seen these two types of diskettes in practical applications in the home. Both are correct. Today, let's focus on the two options and see what the Fuji Breaker has in common and what the difference is:
A switchboard explanation:
1, the air switch as a home circuit switch, does not have a leakage protection function.
2, the distribution socket circuit must be equipped with the corresponding leakage protection switch.
3, the lighting circuit generally does not need a leakage protector, single P air switch can be.
Action trip analysis: When there is a short circuit or overload failure, each branch leakage protector or air switch will trip protection. When there is a leakage failure, the corresponding leakage protector will trip protection. In general, there will be no leakage of electricity from one of the circuits in the home circuit, causing power outages throughout the family.
Second, the leakage protection device as a home circuit switch:
Distribution panel explanation:
1, the leakage protector is used as a general switch, with the function of a leakage protector.
2, the branch socket loop also needs to be equipped with a leakage protection switch, of course, can not be used.
3, lighting circuits generally use single P air switches, no longer use leakage protectors.
Reminder: Leakage protectors are used as general switches. In the actual application process, there are indeed cases where all lower switches use air switches, but it is still recommended that lower sockets use leakage protectors!
Action trip analysis:
1, when there is a short circuit or overload failure, the branch leakage protector or air switch will jump protection.
2, when a leakage failure occurs, if the lower switch is a leakage protector, the corresponding loop will trip. If it is an air switch, then any air switch will leak and the total switch will trip. This way, the entire family will have no electricity and it is inconvenient to use.
Warm reminder: even if it is a leakage protector as the general switch, the branch socket is best to use a leakage protector, so that in general, when a circuit leakage is not easy for the entire family to lose power! -Yeah.


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